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Editorial: Nebraska's emerging bioeconomy

(Omaha World-Herald) -- In an op-ed at, John Bode, president and CEO of the Corn Refiners Association, writes that with the election of Donald Trump, "there is every reason to believe that policy change will soon remove the key federal roadblock to development of the bioeconomy." Bode points out that "in Nebraska, corn is made into advanced bioproducts that replace petroleum-based chemicals and plastics," thereby "revitalizing farmer incomes and bringing high-paying jobs to the state." He also notes that Nebraska's "two modern corn refining facilities" already "directly and indirectly contribute $6 billion in economic output to the state and help employ more than 26,000 people." Bode also touts Iowa's recent enactment of its "Renewable Chemicals Production Tax Credit program to spur development of renewable chemicals and other advanced bioproducts."