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Aquinas Drama Department Presents an evening of comedy & drama

Saturday, October 27, 2018
7:00 pm9:00 pm
Aquinas High School - 3420 MN Road

SUPER SCARY by Tim Kochenderfer. Fear! Horror! Terror! That's what the Storyteller wanted for his night of spooky tales. But everyone in the theater, including a vacuuming janitor and an audience member who really has to pee, keeps interrupting to share their own, less-than-shilling versions of the stories. This Hallows Eve, we meet a town that can't tell the difference between a witch and a thunderstorm, a jack-o-lantern who is constantly peer-pressuring the devil, and a Frankenstein monster at the center of a high school romantic rivalry. A Halloween comedy that will leave you screaming with laughter!!

SENDING DOWN THE SPARROWS by Laura Lundgren Smith (due to the adult content, this show may NOT be appropriate for all people especially young children). As a reluctant member of the Hilter youth, Viktor is surrounded by Nazi ideology, from the math problems he's given in class to the conversations he has with his friends. But Viktor is different because he has a secret: his developmentally disabled sister, Alina, who he visits in the state institution. As he learns how far the Third Reich will go in the name of "genetic purity," he must choose where he stands, no matter what it costs. An impactful drama and testament to the people with disabilities persecuted in the Holocaust.