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Butler County Area Foundation Fund


Butler County Area Foundation Fund

The David City Area Foundation was started in 1982 with a $100,000 gift from Joyce Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards. The name was changed to Butler County Area Foundation Fund (BCAFF) in 2007 to reflect the expanded service region. Over $700,000 has been given back to the community in the form of grants, scholarships and donations in the past thirty four years. 

For more information please email: or call: 402-804-8844

Donors and organizations have used the Butler County Area Foundation Fund (BCAFF) for many different projects and purposes, including the following 21 accounts: 

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  • There are ten Fund Advisory Committee members who volunteer their time, talents and treasure to build a strong foundation for the future of  Butler County. BCAFF has a goal to grow its unrestricted endowment fund to address economic and community development needs. It joins 88 other Nebraska Communities that are actively building permanent endowments to support their hometowns. The annual  earnings from endowments enable foundations to make grants to local projects and programs, each year, forever. 
  • The Butler County Area Foundation Fund is very interested in capturing a portion of the inter-generational transfer of wealth that is now occurring in the United States and Nebraska. It is vital that communities in Butler County build endowments to keep some of that wealth at home. The money will be used to fund community betterment and economic development projects and programs. 
  • The Butler County Area Foundation affiliated with the Nebraska Community Foundation in 1998. NCF maintains its 501(c)(3) charitable foundation status with the Internal Revenue Service. It complies with the National Standards of the Council on Foundations. The Nebraska Community Foundation has 199 affiliated funds (communities, donor advised funds and organizational funds) operating in 70 of the Nebraska’s 93 counties.

Our mission is to enrich the quality of life in Butler County by:

  • Acting as a catalyst for positive change by encouraging collaboration and cooperation among community members.
  • Providing a means for citizens to give back to their community.
  • Building an endowment to provide funds for projects that will enhance the county’s long-term success.
  • Identifying needs and providing grants to build a better future for Butler County.

We value:

  • Leadership: We listen to what people in the communities want and try to serve as best as we can. We strive to be a valuable resource and vital to the success of Butler County.
  • Trustworthiness: We are honest, dependable, accountable, and fair. We care and have the communities' best at heart. Good stewardship of the funds we receive is very important to us.
  • Future-minded & Goal-oriented: We believe in planning for the next generation’s future. We are adaptable to change and all that can better the communities. Being forward-thinking is essential to completing goals in a timely manner.
  • Collaborative: We encourage people from all communities to work together to accomplish a common goal. We convene to make things happen.

Builder's Club

By donating $1,000, either all at once or in $50, $100 or other increments. You can give $100 or more per year or as little at $10 per month in an electronic fund transfer from a bank account. We are seeking the support and the ideas of all people who care about the community’s future

Where does the money go?
Into the unrestricted endowment of the Foundation. The money will be added to the current endowment total of over $1,200,000. The income from the endowment provides funds to give back to the community. Unrestricted means that the board will be responsible for deciding how to distribute the funds. 
How much comes back to the community?
Each of the past thirty-seven years we have granted around $12,500 back to local projects, including leadership development, entrepreneurship training and other future oriented endeavors. The Foundation works to grant 5 percent of our endowment each year. 
What is the potential?
If the foundation increases its endowment by $100,000, that means an additional $5,000 can be given in grants. For a $200,000 increase: $10,000. For $300,000: $15,000.  An endowment of $1.2 million would mean that $50,000 would be returned to the community every year. Forever. That could make a real difference in areas of need that are still unforeseen. 

What do I get? 
Your gift is tax deductible. You also get the satisfaction that your gift will continue to give, indefinitely. You also will be recognized in Foundation publicity and at Foundation events such as the presentation of grants given at the Butler County Area Foundation Fund Annual Banquet. 
How do I get involved?
Talk to a Butler County Area Foundation Committee member, and take a few minutes to complete the commitment form found here. Write a check toward your commitment, or complete the ACH authorization form for automatic withdrawals from your bank account, and you are all set!

ACH Authorization Form

Builder's Club Members


Charles O. & Grace M. Stoops Scholarship Program in Agricultural or Environmental Studies


Butler County Area Foundation Fund Scholarship Program