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Butler County Tourism Committee


Tourism Committee Members

Terry Kriz

Kory Kuhlman

Ron Clarke

Jaclyn Ross

Tricia Schmit

Guidelines for Butler County Visitors Committee Fundings

Through the Nebraska Visitor’s Development Act, Butler County has adopted a lodging tax. These monies are designated for two main purposes: A) Attract visitors to Butler County and B) Construct, expand, and improve attractions in Butler County, thereby helping travel and local tourism

Funding available through the Butler County Visitors Fund is to be used for the promotion of Butler County events and/or Butler County, Nebraska. Annual available monies (determined as those available as of January 1 for each year) are divided into two (2) equal value sections, hereby noted as Section A and Section B.
Section A is to be utilized for local events/individual businesses in Butler County, including potential improvements of business entities associated with visitors to Butler County. No more than 20% of Section A may be used for any single event/request during a calendar year. While some businesses have multiple events/needs per year, a business is limited to funding of two (2) requests during a calendar year.

Section B is to be used for being for widespread promotion of Butler County (flyers, advertising, signage, etc.)  As with Section A, funding is limited to funding of two (2) requests per entity, with a total of five (5) requests funded per calendar year.     
Funding requests should be made utilizing the accompanying form. Any funds not designated for use during a calendar year are carried over to the next year.

Tourism Committee Funding Application