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States seek injunction against overtime rule reports that attorneys general from 21 states requested earlier this week "that a Texas court issue an emergency preliminary injunction against the Labor Department's final overtime rule." The story notes that DOL's rule, set to take effect in December, "will raise (to $47,476) the salary threshold under which virtually all workers are guaranteed time-and-a-half pay if they work more than 40 hours in any given week. The rule also indexes the threshold to inflation."

Opposed to federal overtime rule? Sign onto this letter

(Council of State Chambers) -- Chamber members across the state continue to express concern about the Obama administration's new overtime rule that takes effect Dec. 1, 2016. In addition to the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Chamber and NAM, legislation has been offered in the Senate (S. 3464, the Overtime Reform and Review Act) to significantly reduce the burdens of the rule by phasing-in the salary threshold over a five-year period. If your business or organization is interested in signing onto a letter to support S. 3464, please click the link below and submit before 4 p.m. today, Oct. 14.