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U.S. Chamber CEO: Unify around economic growth

(U.S. Chamber) -- In an editorial, U.S. Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue writes that despite a "bitter campaign that exposed deep divisions in our nation," it is time for the business community, Congress and President-elect Trump to "rally around a mission of driving growth, creating jobs, and lifting incomes for all." Donohue points out that "America's growth rate is struggling to reach 2%, and we have not had a year of 3% growth in nearly a decade." The Chamber's agenda for growth includes a more business-friendly regulatory system; improving export opportunities; allowing the energy sector to create millions of jobs and reduce reliance on foreign sources; rebuilding infrastructure; reforming the broken tax, immigration, and legal systems; advancing leadership in technology; and saving entitlement programs by reducing the national debt and restoring fiscal responsibility in DC.